Exploring the Pools on Mulanje Mountain


While others race up as many peaks as possible I like to have an easier day after the tough ascent to the plateau of Mount Mulanje. While there are many great things to do on that great island in the sky one of my favourites is exploring the numerous streams, waterfalls and pools on that beautiful mountain. 

Mulanje Pools Douglas jumpThis pool is near a mountain hut and good for jumping and also for a shoulder massage provided free of charge by the waterfall.

Some of the pools are very well known and close to the mountain huts and paths. Others are probably almost completely unexplored. The largest pool (not pictured) on the mountain has a length well beyond an olympic pool with a sandy island we camped on. The early morning first light view of the high peaks surrounding is quite beautiful. While it's the only pool I know up there will an island suitable for camping, other pools have sandy beaches.

The most rewarding experience can be finding pools during the exploratation of a stream. A determined walk upstream under over-hanging trees led to the emergence of a pool at the bottom of a high waterfall with steep sides everywhere except by reversing back along the steam. Fortunately the long grass and bushes growing up the side of an almost vertical wall allowed us to ascend a climb that would otherwise be far too steep, and dangerous. 


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